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Why Are People Making Their Own THC E Liquid?

Why Are People Making Their Own THC E Liquid?

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Everyone understands that vaping is safer than smoking. This is the reason for the whole vape revolution. But today, people are mixing up their own THC e liquid too. This trend has many benefits and is easy enough to do that anyone can manage it.Online cannabis dispensary USA.


THC-filled vape cartridge warning

THC-filled vape cartridge warning

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Are you the kind of person who roll joints or refills your Vape Cartridge? More people are beginning to choose the latter.

In recent years Vape Cartridge sales have continued to soar in popularity throughout the world, while cigarette sales have plummeted.

According to Nielsen data,


US lawmakers look to legalize pot in ‘historic’ marijuana reform hearing

US lawmakers look to legalize pot in ‘historic’ marijuana reform hearing
  • The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security debated marijuana reform. 
  • Reforming weed laws is gaining momentum in Congress.
  • Some want lawmakers to focus pot law reform on racial and social equity.

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