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Product Description

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Grenco Science is back with their newest Release, a totally different product The G Pen Gio.

There is a huge trend right now in these pod / Cartridge oil vaporizers and we have to admit they’re impressive, extremely easy to use, extremely portable and produce really good vapor quality.

The G Pen Gio is a concentrates only device. Meant to be used with G Pen pre-filled pods. It wants to fight in the new oil vape pen market with the PAX Era, the first of its kind that was released a year ago.

We were really impressed by the performance of this little new device. If you want to know more about the G Pen Gio and the G Pen Gio Pods, keep reading our in depth review.

Main Characteristics

  • Brand: G Pen
  • Model: Gio
  • Size & Weight: (W x D x T) (16mm x 10mm x 104mm) & .09 LBS
  • Heating time: instantaneous
  • Battery charging time: 2 hours to full charge
  • Colors: Black
  • Warranty: 1 year


The package is really simple and minimalist, it contains the G Pen Gio Battery and a Micro USB Cable to charge it.

Size and Design

GPen Gio size

The Gio is a very portable and discreet vape. It follows the same tdesign line as the G Pen Elite but in a smaller and more convenient size. It measures 16mm wide, 10mm depth, 104 mm tall and a weight of only 0,9 lbs.

There are currently two different versions of the G Pen Gio, the Standard one and the Cookies Collaboration with Bernie Weed brand.

The cookies version is very nice looking with a white and blue design but we personally prefer the normal version (all black) due to its simplicity and discreteness. 

G Pen Gio Pods

G Pen Gio Pods

This new era of cartridges vape pens is going to revolutionize the industry, and we have to admit that is really impressive. The vapor experience and flavor from the GIO Pods is superb. They come with pre-filled with 0,5 ml of cannabis concentrates. We only tried two strains. Jack Herer and Lemon PoundCake, from Cookies. But we’re looking forward to see what else they add in their menu. Update!: We’ve tested all of the available pods and put an article with all the G Pen Gio Pods and where to buy them 

When buying the pods, each one comes in a nice package and child-safe container. With information on the strain type and THC/CBD content.

The G Pen Cartridges  have great capacity and are really easy to replace on the go.

We’ve been able to get around 100 hits of each pod

Available G Pen Gio Cartridges

Grenco science currently sales in limited locations. You can find cartridges in California and Colorado. But even within those states, they’re doing a slow roll out. Only few dispensaries have the pods for sale.

Locations to buy the GPen GIo:

California (Los Angeles)

Colorado ( Denver)

In terms of flavors, we haven’t seen a fix menu. But they will be adding new flavor pods as they expand. For now the following are available:

Jack Here

Lemon Poundcake – Citrus flavor.

Biscotti – Cookie flavor

Strawberry shortcake – Exotikz

KK – Kahlifa Kush

How to use

Here comes the magic of these new oil vape pens, they’re extremely easy to use, just align the g logo of the pod with the g logo of the battery, plug it in and hit till you get high. Once your cartridge is done, just unplug it, and replace it with a new one.

Don’t have to grind herbs any more or wait till the device heats up.

Also there’s a huge advantage in cleaning, as the mouthpiece is included in the pod, it never gets dirty is like using a fresh vape every time you change your pod.

They come with a series number which you will find at the bottom of the device, cartridge and box. Which you can register at gpen.com for warranty claims. And to ensure you have a real unit.

Battery and charging

GPen Gio Review

To charge the GIO , connect the USB charging cable to the bottom of the device and plug it to a USB port or any wall adapter. You will see a flashing light indicating is charging.

Once the device is fully charged, the G light will turn off when the battery is fully charged and ready to go!

It normally takes around 2 hours to fully charged from dead.


The simplicity of the device is what makes the G Pen Gio a top vape for oils. The market is clearly shifting to oils and concentrates, and with a big push for close system vapes.


Having to buy the pods from a dispensary and not being refillable might be a turn down for most people. Especially if you don’t live in California or Colorado. Hacking the pods to put your own oil seems to be hard, so wouldn’t recommend if don’t like the idea of buying G Pen cartridges.

G Pen Gio vs PAX Era

The PAX Era has been the leader in the space since it came out a year and a half ago. It’s the best oil vape you can buy that comes prefilled. Their pod selection has been growing and you can find pretty much anything. From CBD only to different types of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid pods.

Grenco Science has obviously seen a market opportunity there and has jumped into the growing market of prefilled oil vapes.

Have to say that vapor quality of Gpen Gio is A+. Hard to compare with the PAX Era, since flavor varies a lot between pods (Fillers). But for their basic pods (Jack Here vs. Sativa from Bloom Farms) , I would say G Pen wins.

Summary, Should we buy the G Pen Gio?

Based on our preferences and tastes, definitely YES! When we reviewed the PAX Era we liked it a lot and we like this new concept of disposable weed pods. If you live in California or Colorado, check them out.

Check The GPen Gio

And now, on 2019, we still think that the G Pen Gio is a ‘definitely YES’ as an oil cartridge vaporizer. Although some similar products have hit the market during last year, the G Pen Gio Vaporizer is still one of the best oil cartridge vaporizers. And you are wondering why? Well, the first reason it’s its very affordable price (only $29.95), the second one it’s the great vapor quality it provides in every puff; and, the last one, all the G Pen Gio Pods you can find on the market: a wide variety of strains and flavors.

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